Just over a year ago, I danced (rather poorly) around my living room to celebrate the completion of this sweater. I’m happy to announce that the pattern for this sweater is now available on ravelry & over at knitspot.

Here are a few fun facts about the pattern:

  • It’s written for 10 sizes
  • The sweater is worked flat, bottom-up and seamed together
  • The sweater is a set-in sleeve design
  • The cables are charted

This is my very first sweater pattern, and I’m very excited to see it released into the wild. Anne & her team were wonderful to work with on this project. This sweater is one of several pieces that are included in the Bare Naked Wools Ensemble: Winter 2017 collection. I encourage you to check them all out.

In other news, I have 9 days to go before moving. I think I’m ready. I’m certain the cats are not.

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Random December Updates

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. The past couple of months have been interesting (and I’m not even referring to the election). With that as my introduction, I have four random things to share.

First, my back is much, much better. Several months of chiropractic care successfully reversed the damage caused by the blizzard and this year’s stress. YAY!!

Second, the exclusivity period on Schism has passed, so the pattern is now available without the kit. This was a fun pattern to design & works pretty well with both self-striping and solid yarns.

Schism Socks

(c) Craftsy

Third, I’m moving. Now that I’ve resolved my stress induced issues, I’ve decided to heap a ton of stress upon myself. I’ve planned this for a while, and last month I took the plunge and placed a contract on a house.

house under construction

Clearly, the house is currently a work in progress. It’s in Florida, which doesn’t seem like a knitterly place, but I assure you there are at least 3 yarn stores close to my new home. I’m still waiting on confirmation of a closing date. In the meantime, every spare moment is spent packing, purging, and getting my house in Northern Virginia ready for market. This is the main reason for why the blog has been so quiet. This move is also the reason that my design hiatus will continue for a while.

I’m very excited about this move. Although, the thought of packing 4 cats into a car and driving for 14 hours does strike terror into my heart. I’m thinking the best plan is to not feed them first.

Last, I am knitting a very little bit. I still occasionally have a few moments of down time when I just need to clear my head, so I do have a sock on the needles. The first one is finished and should not be confused with the sock featured in this post. They are similar, but I wanted to make some changes to the gusset, and I’m much happier with the updated version.

colorwork sock

I realize this isn’t exactly the best photo in the world. My DSLR is in a box somewhere, so photos taken with my phone will have to do. Despite the lack of photographic evidence, the second sock is in progress. The heel turn is complete. Judging by the amount of time it took me to get this far, I may not finish this pair until after I’ve moved. At that point, I may be questioning the idea of colorwork socks in a sub-tropical climate.

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A New Blue Cabled Sweater

sweater, cables

I will start by saying that this weekend was not supposed to be about a sweater. This weekend, nothing has gone quite according to plan. I’m supposed to be in Florida this weekend. My flight was booked, and plans were made. Unfortunately, on Friday, life decided to throw me a few curve balls. I arrived at the airport 30 minutes later than I wanted to because of a traffic accident, which caused me (and what looked like several hundred other people) to resort to back roads, which aren’t designed for that volume of traffic. I still managed to get to the airport an hour and half before my flight, so I felt confident that I could get to my gate on time. That confidence vanished when I was approaching the first security checkpoint and realized that my driver’s license had vanished.

sweater, cables

According to the TSA website, it is possible to get through security without a photo ID; however, it will take more time, and the passenger may be subject to additional screening. At the moment when I realized that I had lost my ID, I did not know this. I’m not sure that would have mattered because the universe clearly had it in for me on Friday. After a desperate search for my license, which included a thorough search of my car in the parking garage, I texted my friend letting her know I wouldn’t be making my flight. Instead of a sunny trip to Florida, I spent a large part of the day waiting in line at the DMV for a replacement license.

BTW, in Virginia, when you apply for a replacement license, you don’t walk out of the DMV with a replacement license. You walk out with a piece of paper that says you are allowed to drive, and a promise that the license will be mailed to you.

The universe wasn’t really finished with me. Just before going to bed, I managed to twist my ankle. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but yesterday morning, I could not put any weight on my right foot without flinching. There was no swelling or redness, just pain. My non-professional diagnosis is minor sprain. So, I spent Saturday on the couch with my ankle wrapped in an ace bandage.

sweater, cables

I’ve been learning the importance of staying positive. I don’t always succeed at this, but I realized that if I spent the yesterday moping about how my ankle hurts and I’m supposed to be in Florida, that negativity could have prompted some stress related thing and the spiral would begin. Instead, I grabbed my sweater in progress, and decided that this was the perfect time to attach the sleeve and weave in the ends. Not only did this give me something to do to occupy the time, it cleared my head of any whining. Don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed about missing my trip, but it’s spilled milk.

Now it’s Sunday, and the world looks much brighter (figuratively, if not literally). My ankle feels much better. I can traverse the steps in my house without screaming. There is still some pain, but it’s night and day compared to yesterday. I have a new trip planned for November. Perhaps, what is mostly relevant to the readers of my blog, I have a new sweater just in time for the weather to get a bit chilled.

sweater, cables

I love everything about this sweater. The color is perfect for me. The yarn in Hazel Knits Lively DK in the Blue Jay colorway. The cables are something I tweaked from a stitch dictionary. If memory serves they are based on Number 59 from Annie Maloney’s The Cable Knitting Handbook. The actual stitch pattern appears on the sleeves if you are curious. The sleeves are set in with just the tiniest bit of shoulder shaping, so I think this fits me perfectly.

Now, I just need to decide what to knit next.

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One Sleeve To Go


As you can see in this wonderful selfie I just took with my phone, I’m missing a sleeve on this sweater. The sleeve has been knit, and has been patiently waiting to be attached for over a week. I find attaching a sleeve is best done when there is full light, which rules out evenings after work. My weekends, unfortunately, have been focused on home improvement projects, so the sweater waits patiently for me to stop neglecting it.

You may also notice that this selfie was taken today in my house, not at Rhinebeck. My dream of attending Rhinebeck this year obviously didn’t work out. Home improvements have taken over my life again. A 26-year-old house requires attention.

I was hoping to finish the sweater yesterday, but honestly, after doing battle with the lighting fixture in the dining room, all I wanted to do was watch movies and drink wine.

I will finish this. I love the way it’s turned out so far. I just need to find a couple of hours with good light away from the cats.

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Infographic Fun

Unfortunately, my sweater is in a time out. This is through no fault of its own. I have a stealth project that needs to get finished which is occupying all of my knitting time these days. Since showing pictures of a stealth project isn’t exactly stealthy, I thought I’d share the infographic below.

This was provided by Tom over at Clippers Ireland. They sell a rather important pre-knitting tool – the actual clippers used to shear sheep. We wouldn’t have yarn without them.



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