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To say that life has been hectic lately would be an understatement. The last couple of weeks have been particularly chaotic and busy. So much so that I had all but abandoned twitter and ravelry. I haven’t stopped in at knit night in ages. My house is a complete mess. My cats are misbehaving just to get any attention. Nothing bad has happened. I’m just very much overwhelmed by a lot of things right now, and most of it is work related.

Somehow, in the midst of all of this chaos, I finished a sock. It’s not a simple sock either. There is quite a lot going on. I think the idea of just working 6 rounds has been enough to allow me to maintain the appearance of sanity.

If you know me in the real world and have noticed that you haven’t seen me for a while, know that I miss you. I think this past week was the worst of the chaos, and it will start tapering off soon. Granted, I have a meeting at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, which may prove me wrong. Either way, I have a funky sock (that needs to have some ends woven in, and desperately needs a bath).


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Random Blogging


Last week, being Holy Week, was chaotic and random, and so was my knitting. I didn’t make any real progress on any real project, but I did play with some left over sock yarn to make a few swatches.


Admittedly, in this photo, they really just look like a lumpy mess. Sock yarn swatches look best when stretched, and I didn’t have it in me to pin these out before photographing. These are the swatches that survived. There were a few others that upon execution found themselves ripped out. Two of these lumpy things will become socks. I’m not entirely sure what if anything will happen with the other two.

I noticed in the comments on last weeks post that a few of you belong in the “Finish the Sweater” camp. I say we compromise. I promise not to completely abandon the project. I do need to figure out what to do with the sleeves. I have a rough idea, but I do need to do some math. The math will have to wait a bit since my day job has gotten super busy, and I just can’t bring myself to looking at a spreadsheet in the evenings. Perhaps this weekend.

One final random thing that’s happening is that the Spring KAL has started in my group. Based on popular demand, this is a very low-key KAL. No one cares when you started your project. If you finish a pair of my socks, just post a photo. It’s that simple. You can post more if you want. Chatter can be fun. Posting finished photos might win you prize. One of those prizes being this lovely skein of yarn.


Other random things are happening, but they aren’t knitting related, so I’ll spare you the boring, adult details.

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We have a front



This has been a crazy month. Clients have been visiting. It snowed on the first day of Spring. To be perfectly honest, I’m shocked that I managed to finish the front of this sweater. It’s had a nice long soak, so the sides don’t curl up as badly.

Now, I’m faced with a dilemma. Temperatures are rising. No, really, they are. At least, if I keep saying that it might come true. By the time I finish the sleeves and get this assembled, it will be too hot to wear this. I’m inclined to let it sleep in my knitting bag during the warmer months and cast on some smaller projects. There is something to be said for finishing this project. There is also something to be said for not having a warm, woolly thing in my lap when it’s warm.

There are worse problems to have, and I am sure that I will sort it out.

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Lapse – a sock pattern

Slipped Stitches


I’m taking a break from writing about the seemingly never-ending posts about the sweater in progress to announce the publication of a new sock pattern. Lapse is now ready for general consumption. The name of the pattern is a result of a thesaurus search using the word “slip.” Sometimes finding a name is the most difficult part of pattern design.

Lapse Alt

In the universe of my sock patterns, this one is relatively simple. No twisted stitches, no cables, just a nice slipped stitch pattern that plays nicely with self-striping yarns. This is also first time I designed socks with a short-row heel. I wasn’t sure that a gusset would play nicely with the stripes.

Lapse Alt 5

The pattern includes instructions for a contrasting cuff, heel, and toe, but that’s totally optional. Considering how wild this yarn was when working with it, I thought a nice solid cuff/heel/toe would help tame the madness.

Lapse Alt 4

The pattern is available on ravelry for $5.00. It looks like it’s managed to find itself over on LoveKnitting, so EU customers should be able to purchase as well.

buy now

Lapse Alt 2

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A Bit of a Slow Down



Most of my knitting time this week was occupied with a super secret project, so I didn’t make much progress with the sweater. I managed to finish using the leftover skein from the back to complete the neck shaping on the front. I really want to finish this project during this season so I can wear the sweater before putting it into summer storage, but I’m starting to have doubts. Despite the 8 inches of snow we received this week, the forecast looks like the temperatures will be getting progressively warmer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’ll gladly sacrifice the ability to wear this sweater if it means warmer temperatures and no more shoveling snow. My back is still punishing me for Thursday’s endeavors. I’m also reasonably certain that the cats would like to stop sharing lap space with my knitting.

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