Not Much Knitting


There wasn’t much knitting happening this week, I’m afraid. Don’t get me wrong, some knitting happened. I’d probably become ragey if I didn’t pick up the needles at all. I did finish the leg on Ellington socks.


With the limited time that I had to knit this week, Ellington was, shockingly, the easiest thing to work on. I had already finished the cabling on the leg, so I really only had a few rounds of increasing and decreasing to get to the heel.

I did start the heel for the socks that I’m working with the KAL, but I haven’t finished it, and I’m a little on the fence about it, so I haven’t photographed it just yet.

One of the reasons, I haven’t had much knitting time is that I was helping my friend Tanis fix something on her site. I have some experience beating wordpress into submission, so I lent her a hand. As a thank you, she awarded me with this.


I clearly need to help Tanis out more often. I can’t decide if I want to knit with it, or just admire it. I’ve never managed to get my hands on a skein of Wollmeise before, and all I can say is that I love everything about it.

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Almost A Complete Leg (Again)



Remember last week when I thought that I had almost finished the leg of my sock.


That’s pretty much what the universe thought about that leg.

In all honesty, I’m the one who made the conscious decision to frog the entire leg. After working the heel flap and starting the gusset, I really wanted to tweak some things. Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while should know that this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. I’m happy to say that the yarn survived this abuse unscathed.

I added some columns of knit stitches between the cables, which will yield a little bit more ease and solve an issue I had with the heel. I also tweaked the cable ever so slightly. I’m really happy with these changes. I’m also considering working the cable on the heel flap just to keep things interesting. I’ve got 8 more rounds to knit before starting the heel, so I have time to decide.

On a completely different topic, I’m currently trying to recruit some test knitters for a new pattern. If you’re interested, check out this thread in ravelry & let me know.

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Almost a Complete Leg



I’ve finished most of the leg on my non-stealthy socks. I admit that it looks like a lumpy unappealing mess on the needle. That’s OK because negative ease can work magic with socks. When I completed 2 repeats of the cable, I slipped half the stitches onto another needle and threw the sock in progress on a disembodied foot.


What a difference a little stretch makes. I’m really enjoying these socks. I’ve been working on deadline related knitting for the last few months, and it’s nice not having a deadline right now.

I’ve named the ravelry project for these “Choosing a Granite Countertop is Overwhelming”. The name may be influenced by a kitchen project that is making slow progress.

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An Unveiling



In many ways, this has been the year of stealth projects. Generally, this is because I’ve been working on designs for someone else, which usually means if I post any details bad things will happen to me. I’m thrilled to say that I can finally share photos of one of these stealth efforts.


This week, the August installment of the Barking Dog Yarns Sock Club was distributed, which included the sock pattern On the Edge of a Maelstrom, designed by yours truly. When Suzan and I started talking about working together, the only direction she provided was that she wanted the pattern to have enough variety and interest so to keep the club members challenged and not bored. I certainly hope I’ve given the club members something to maintain their interest.


The pattern is exclusive to the club for the next six months. Some time early next year, I’ll make it available to the general public.

On a non-stealthy front, I’ve picked the yarn for my next sock project. I’m actually making these for the KAL; although, I am exempting myself from prizes. The yarn is Skeinny Dipping Cannon Ball Sock in the Underbelly colorway. This will be a new pattern, and since it will be self published (assuming it doesn’t become a disaster), it won’t be stealthy.


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The All About Me KAL


I’m getting really excited about this KAL even though it feels weird that there is a ravelry group all about me. The details of the KAL are spelled out in this thread, but the idea is simple. Choose one of my sock patterns. Knit it between August 1 – September 30. Post the finished project to the thread. Get entered to win a prize.

Just for grins and giggles, I’m going to participate in the KAL by making a brand new pattern. I guess that means that I now need to start swatching.

I can’t thank Suzan enough for sponsoring this. Frankly, she’s the brain child behind this whole thing, and I wonder if I should hire her to do marketing and publicity. Even if you don’t participate in the KAL, you should check out Suzan’s yarns.


On a completely different note, there is a little bit more of Ellington. There would be more of the leg had it not been for the fact that I miss crossed a cable, and felt the overwhelming need to tink back and fix the mistake. It was eight rounds, and I spent an hour back tracking. As soon as I noticed the mistake, it was the only thing I could see when I looked at it, so I had to fix it.

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