I’m Not Entirely Sure How This Happened


When I started knitting, I was very much a one project at a time kind of knitter. There were a bunch of things that I wanted to knit, but so help me, I wouldn’t consider casting on for a new project until the current project was finished. By finished, I mean blocked, fully assembled (if needed), ends woven in. If that meant that I was still working on a sweater in June, than so be it.

I’m not the same knitter that I used to be. As I was working on the sock I showed off last week, this blue blob of yarn kept peeking out of my knitting bag.


It’s a sweater that I started sometime last winter. The back is finished. The front is at the point where the shaping for the arms has either just finished or just started. I’d have to take a closer look at it to figure out exactly where this stopped before it was put to the side. I’d say this sweater has been balled up in my knitting bag since March most likely when the weather got too warm for a cat and a sweater in my lap.

It’s not just this sweater. There are two other socks on the needles in addition to the color work extravaganza. One of them is Ellington, which hasn’t changed since the last time I shared a picture. The other is something I can’t share because Amy would shoot out my knee caps be very upset with me if I did.

It’s not a good or bad thing that I’ve turned into someone who has four separate projects on the needles. I was blaming this phenomenon on the fact that I’m designing now, but that doesn’t really explain it. With a few exceptions, I’m the one that sets my design deadlines, so really, it’s not that. I guess I’ve just changed.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m even blogging about this except for the fact that it’s gotten chilly, and I’d like a new sweater, but I don’t think I can work on it right now. The mystery project needs to be finished, ¬†and I’d like to finish the color work socks. Given that statement, I guess I haven’t changed all that much.

About the sweater, since I suspect some of you will ask. The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in a color way that is written on a ball band buried somewhere at the bottom of my knitting bag. Here’s a fun fact, this yarn is the first thing that I ever purchased at fibre space. The pattern is original. One of the cables is from a Barbara Walker’s Treasury. The other two are things I cobbled together.

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I think I mentioned last week that I was thinking about diving into another color work project. These two skeins of Spud and Chloe have been tempting me for a while. The bright green and the dark purple seemed like they would work.


Sixteen rounds into the pattern, and I’d say they work together quite well. In fact, I’ve been so pleased with the result, that I actually have an entire leg.


If this pattern looks familiar, it’s because it’s based on a pair of socks I made earlier this year. I’ve made a few changes because there were just a few things about the original that bothered me. Three additional stitches and a few tweaks, and I’m really happy with the outcome. When working color work, there is frequently a jog in the pattern. My original approach to dealing with this jog was to interrupt the patterning with a column that went down the side of the leg. I’ve managed to incorporate the jog into the color work, which means I eliminated that column. There is nothing wrong with the original socks, I just like these better.

On a completely different note, I forgot to mention that I’m hosting another KAL in my ravelry group. The rules are fairly low-key. You can cast on anytime between now and December 31, and are eligible for one of two prizes if you finish before the December 31st. All of my designs are eligible, and if you’re participating in SKA this month, this is a great chance to double dip.

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Introducing Humphrey



I’m not entirely certain that it’s healthy that I’ve actually given a yarn bowl a name, but in my defense, the bowl has a face. I saw a new batch of yarn bowls at my LYS, and this one jumped out at me. I’m week I guess.

Humphrey is modeling Ellington in its current state. I’ve finished the heel and started the gusset. I thought I’d be farther along, but it’s been a weird week. A secret project came back to life, which is exciting for me, but I can’t really talk about it. I also drafted the pattern for the socks I showed off last week. I really want to start a pair of color work socks, but time is somewhat limited these days. The fact that it’s now sweater weather has me thinking about bigger projects. There are worse problems to have.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I finished these socks last week. Sometimes, the blog just can’t keep up.

I’m really happy with the way these turned out. I actually swatched the cable a while ago, and it’s nice to see how it works up on an actual project. The cable is asymmetrical, which kept it interesting, and I did choose to mirror the cable on the second sock.

I love this yarn. It’s Skeinny Dipping Cannonball Sock in the Underbelly colorway. It’s a Merino/Nylon blend, and it feels sturdy. The first sock stood up to being ripped out, so it can take some abuse.

I’ve already been asked if I’ll be producing a pattern, and the answer is yes. No promises on the timeframe because there is that pesky day job that gets in the way.

In other news, the KAL that I started in August wraps up on Tuesday. It’s been fun to watch that unfold. Some folks are already requesting more, so I’m giving some thought about how that will work.

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Gossamer Arbor

cables, twisted stitches

cables, twisted stitches

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, these socks may look familiar. Digging through the archives, it looks like I finished these in May. Today, I released the pattern. You may be wondering why it took so long. Sadly, life works that way sometimes. Shortly after finishing these, I had to get the pattern together for Barking Dogs, and there is that pesky day job. The sock pattern is here now, so yay!!!

These socks were worked in Skinny Bugga!, which sadly is no longer available. Any solid or semi-solid sock yarn will work for these. The largest size will probably need a little more than 400 yards, so keep that in mind. There are three sizes. The cables are graded, which means that each size will look a tiny bit different, but the concept is the same.

These were worked cuff-down with a heel flap & gusset. The pattern isn’t carried down the heel, so you could swap out the heel if you like.

The pattern looks a bit like the arbor in my aunt’s garden, hence the name. If you don’t see it, that’s OK. It only needs to make sense to me. The pattern is available via the magic of ravelry for $5.00.


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