Green and Purple Socks



Just before my fever started spiking last week, I finished these socks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to photographing them before I lapsed into the haze.


Of course, now that I’m feeling better, it’s overcast outside, so no photos on my actual feet. The disembodied feet will have to do.

Yes, I know the pattern isn’t mirrored, and that seems unlike me. As I was pulling together the charts after the first sock was finished, I decided to let things be. That really is the best reason I can give anyone for why they aren’t mirrored. Now that I’m looking at these pictures, I do think the instep would not look right if the socks were mirrored. I can’t really explain it.


All that said, I’m really happy with all the tweaks from the original prototype of these socks. Allowing the motif to wrap around the leg without interruption makes me happy. I also mixed things up with an eye of partridge heel. I love the way it looks, but I won’t lie, it can be annoying to knit.

The socks required just under 1 skein of the green yarn and just over 1 skein of the purple. I have an absurd amount of Spud and Chloë Fine in these color ways so don’t be surprised if this pairing crops up again.

Now that these are off the needles, I’m feeling the urge to finish some things. Ellington has been languishing for too long, so I’ll probably try to get those wrapped up in the next week. Then there is that sweater.

Of course, I completely reserve the right to completely change my mind and cast on for something else. :)

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Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2014



I’m a little late with this announcement, but a bout of the flu threw me off my game for a bit. No worries, I’m fully recovered now. Anyway, I’m participating in this year’s Indie Design Gift-A-Long. I participated last year, and it was fun.

If you’re wondering what exactly the Indie Design Gift-A-Long is, it’s basically a massive KAL. There are over 290 independent designer’s participating. Each designer is offering a discount on at least 4 of their patterns until end of day 11/21. The KAL portion started on Thursday and runs until 12/31. There are prizes, and there will be games. All of the details are laid out in their ravelry group.

To find which patterns are discounted will take a little bit of leg work. Each designer has set up a bundle in ravelry highlighting their patterns. If you’re not sure what that is, here’s the link to my bundle. With so many designers and patterns, I think there were a few challenges trying to find the best way to make things searchable. Some very busy elves also set up these Pinterest boards, categorizing each of the patterns. You do need a Pinterest account to browse through these boards, but I will say it makes navigating through all of the designs a bit more manageable.

Head & Hats
Cowls, Scarves, & Neck
Shawls & Stoles
Sweaters & Other Garments
Hand & Arm
Feet & Legs
Baby & Kids (except toys)
Toys, Home, & Miscellaneous

To redeem the 25% discount, use coupon code giftalong2014 at checkout.

This is a great opportunity to find patterns by some independent designers that can sometimes get lost in the 300,000+ pattern database in ravelry. It should be fun for everyone, and I hope people enjoy it.

If you’re wondering which of my patterns are discounted, it’s not just the one’s appearing in my collage. Here’s the full set. Enjoy!!

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cables, twisted stitches


A few months ago, I was contacted by Christine, the proprietor of SkeinnyDipping Yarns. She wanted to know if I would be interested in yarn support. After a little bit of an email exchange, I found myself in possession of a generous amount of sock yarn. It was like Christmas, only without the dysfunction.

Cannonball Sock is a wonderful 80/20 Merino Wool/Nylon blend that is perfect for socks. I can say from experience that it stands up quite well to being ripped out and reknit, which is always a good thing when one designs on the fly. The color way that I lucked into is Underbelly.

Askance Side_WEB

I put this yarn support to good use, and am pleased to announce the release of a new sock pattern, Askance. This is a cuff down pattern featuring an asymmetric twisted cable. The pattern starts immediately; there is no separate cuff. I’ve also included instructions for two heel flap options. You can work the cable on the heel flap as shown, or take a break from the cables and work a slipped stitch heel flap.

The pattern is available for $5.00, and delivered via ravelry’s pattern delivery mechanism.

Buy Now

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Halfway There



Despite last week’s whining, or perhaps because of it, I finished the first sock of this pair. Perhaps my desire to resume work on the sweater was somewhat motivated by the need to make some decisions about the instep. I discovered that my method for dealing with the jog on the leg created a complication with the instep. I worked through it, and I’m happy with the result.


I need to weave in the ends, but I think this is close enough to say I’m halfway there. There is enough of the green yarn left over that I won’t have to wind another skein. That’s not the case with the purple, but that’s OK.

I won’t lie, though. I did pick up the sweater and work a few rows. Then I realized that I made a mistake and had to rip those rows back. It’s the price one pays for letting something linger, and not having made sufficient notes to just pick it back up again.

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I’m Not Entirely Sure How This Happened


When I started knitting, I was very much a one project at a time kind of knitter. There were a bunch of things that I wanted to knit, but so help me, I wouldn’t consider casting on for a new project until the current project was finished. By finished, I mean blocked, fully assembled (if needed), ends woven in. If that meant that I was still working on a sweater in June, than so be it.

I’m not the same knitter that I used to be. As I was working on the sock I showed off last week, this blue blob of yarn kept peeking out of my knitting bag.


It’s a sweater that I started sometime last winter. The back is finished. The front is at the point where the shaping for the arms has either just finished or just started. I’d have to take a closer look at it to figure out exactly where this stopped before it was put to the side. I’d say this sweater has been balled up in my knitting bag since March most likely when the weather got too warm for a cat and a sweater in my lap.

It’s not just this sweater. There are two other socks on the needles in addition to the color work extravaganza. One of them is Ellington, which hasn’t changed since the last time I shared a picture. The other is something I can’t share because Amy would shoot out my knee caps be very upset with me if I did.

It’s not a good or bad thing that I’ve turned into someone who has four separate projects on the needles. I was blaming this phenomenon on the fact that I’m designing now, but that doesn’t really explain it. With a few exceptions, I’m the one that sets my design deadlines, so really, it’s not that. I guess I’ve just changed.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m even blogging about this except for the fact that it’s gotten chilly, and I’d like a new sweater, but I don’t think I can work on it right now. The mystery project needs to be finished,  and I’d like to finish the color work socks. Given that statement, I guess I haven’t changed all that much.

About the sweater, since I suspect some of you will ask. The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza in a color way that is written on a ball band buried somewhere at the bottom of my knitting bag. Here’s a fun fact, this yarn is the first thing that I ever purchased at fibre space. The pattern is original. One of the cables is from a Barbara Walker’s Treasury. The other two are things I cobbled together.

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